Duane Hall was born and raised in North Carolina. He worked as a photojournalist for the Chicago Sun-Times in the '60s & '70s, winning many local, regional and national photographic awards.

Leaving Chicago, he relocated to a secluded section of land in the hills of North Carolina. From there a freelance career in photojournalism started which carried him all over the world covering wars, rebellions and historic events for most major publications. He photographed the Contras in Nicaragua, the peasants in China, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the revolution in Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and many others. He shot cultures of Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, Cuba, Kazakhstan, and Central America. He has photographed US Presidents since Johnson, past and present world leaders from Anthony Eden, the Shah of Iran & Ben Gurion to Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul. Also many movie & music celebrities were on his assignments.

His work has been published by:

Newsweek - US News & World Report - Time - Life - Business Week - Nation's Business - The New York Times - Chicago Sun-Times - Chicago Tribune - LA Times -  Der Spiegel - Soldier of  Fortune - DuPont - Philip Morris - IBM - Union Carbide - PC Week - Merrill Lynch - Southern Bell - Good Housekeeping - Playboy - Pepsi Cola -  USA Today - Whittle Communications - MacLean's - RJ Reynolds - AT&T - Sports Illustrated - UPS - Associated Press - NY Times Magazine - Family Circle - Weekly Reader - Ilta-Sandmat - Black Star - Gamma - NY Teknik - Minneapolis Star-Tribune -  UPI - and many others including text and research books.